Github migration

All my scripts are moved from github to Meer-Web GIT
All links from older posts will be adjusted to the new GIT repo.

PHP Programming

Google Authenticator for PHP

I have just uploaded a working example of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA or 2FA) for PHP to Git.

With this you can easily integrate MFA in your PHP application using the GoogleAuthenticator class.

PHP Programming

Password check using k-Anonymity

I have just checked in a PHP function to Git where you can check passwords using k-Anonymity.
Your password will be hashed using SHA1 and only the first 5 characters of this hash will be send over the internet, so no passwords will go over the public internet!

PHP Programming

PHP webhook for OpenAI (ChatGPT and DALL-E)

I have just released a PHP webhook which you can implement in your application so you can connect OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E image generator.

Bash Programming Security

Certificate Generator

I have just checked in the Certificate Generator (certgen) which is a bash scripted tool to easily manage your certificates.

You can find it in Git


A+ Cipher settings for your applications

You can now find all the advised cipher and TLS settings for your applications on!
With these settings you can get an A+ score on SSL Labs.

The ciphers are up to date and can be fetched (Raw) and loaded by your own script.