Bash Programming Security

Certificate Generator

I have just checked in the Certificate Generator (certgen) which is a bash scripted tool to easily manage your certificates.

You can find it in Git


1. Create self signed certificate
Create a self signed certificate in a simple step.

2. Create CSR
Create a CSR file.

3. Create PFX file
Create a PFX file from a CRT, KEY and CHAIN.

4. Extract PFX to CRT/KEY
Extract CRT and KEY from a PFX file.

5. Create CA-Bundle and PEM files
Create a CA-Bundle file and full chained PEM files.

6. Remove password from KEY file
If a KEY file contains a password you can remove it here.

7. Decode CSR
Show the content of a CSR file.

8. Decode CRT
Show the content of a CRT file.

9. Match CRT/KEY
Check if a CRT and KEY belong together.

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